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Pasanga – Movie Review


Language: Tamil Released: 2009
Produced By: Sasikumar Direction: Pandiraj Music: James Vasandhan
Anbukarasu – Master. Kishore
Jeeva – Master. Sriram
Jeeva’s Parents – Jeyaprakash,Sujatha
Anbu’s Parents – Sivakumar, Senthikumari
Meenakshisundaram – Vimal
Sobikannu – Vega
and with other new child artists like Pakkada, Kutti Mani, Mangalam, Manonmani to name a few..

If we have to outline the story of Pasanga, it is nothing other than the mudane tamil movie formula. The same old “goodie vs baddie” concept where eventually baddie fails to overcome the good and the movie ends in a happy note. But what makes “Pasanga” stand out of this forumla is its characterization, screen play and hilarious dialogues. The backbone of the movie is its actors who play the roles very casually and win your applause in each frame. The movie has a strong foundation called “Reality” in it which make this a successful movie of the year.

The stroy revolves around two families who live opposite to each other in a small village called Virachilai near Pudukottai. The director narrates the whole story from the kids point of view. So the two kids from these two families can be tagged as the heroes.. where one is a good guy(Anbukarasu) and the other is a baddie(Jeeva)..hmm not baddie though – a bit less goodie than the other. Scenes move on with the counters within their gangs in the school and later their enemity becomes a feud amongst their families. There is a sweet love story running parallely between anbu’s uncle (Meenakshisundaram) and Jeeva’s elder sister (Sobikannu). Later in the second half, Anbu’s parents have a quarrel which affects their kids in school. Here comes Jeeva’s father who pours in some advise to Anbu’s father. Also the love story gets a nod from both the families. Having settled the other disputes, now the remaining thing is to unite these two kids who quarrel right from scene 1 of the movie. The last 20 mins of the movie is what disappoints the viewers more. We would have seen a zillion times, a climax like this.

Inspite of a boring climax, the movie is a good entertainer. The kids really perform it with such ease. Look out for the guy who plays Pakkada. His dialogues where he kindles Jeeva’s anger are enjoyable. Instances like, when Jeeva gets on a fight with Anbu, Pakkada says “உன்னால முடியும் ஜீவா” with a slight turn to his head is hilarious. Master Kishore who plays Anbu is really fitting the role to the tee. Master Sriram who plays Jeeva is a nice selection. He really portrays an adamant kid with his voice and dialogues. The scene where all the kids study for their exam at 4 o’ clock in the morning is too good.

Vimal, who plays Meenakshisundaram in the film has a good debut as a lead role. Having boy-next-door looks, he has done a neat job. Nothing more nor less. The surprise package of the movie is the female lead Vega, who plays Sobikannu. We have seen her in a cameo apperanace with mini skirts in Saroja as Saroja. Here she is a young townish village girl who is a teacher in the kindergarten school. She proves to be a perfect selection for the role. The love story between these two is very realistic, hilarious and sweet. It has been a long time having seen such lovely scenes. I liked it after the romantic story that was in Valee.

Jeyaprakash, who plays Jeeva’s father and a teacher as well, has done his job perfectly. The way he calls the last benchers “கிழவி புருஷனுங்க” is something new and hilarious. His character is neatly sketched as a lovable father and a disciplined teacher. The line between these two is drawn neatly and he travels on the line without any hurdles.

The actor who overtakes everybody and wins hands down is Sivakumar, who plays Anbu’s father. Its not our old Sivakumar. This guy makes a debut here. Heard that he is a technician under director Balaji Sakthivel who directed the movie Kaadhal. What a brilliant performance!! You will never realize that he is acting as a father to these kids. He has just lived through it. Whatever he does, it can be the quarrels with his wife to loving his kids, its just natural and real.He excels in his dialogue delivery. Look at the scene where he explains his father-in-law about the way he wants to live, he says “இதோ, எல்லாரும் புள்ளைங்கல இங்கிலீஷ் மீடயுத்துல சேக்குறாங்க, என் புள்ளைகளையும் சேருங்கனு சொல்லி சேர்த்து, புடுங்குறான் புடுங்குறான் பணத்த புடுங்கிட்டே இருக்கான் புடுங்கி”. The dialogue flows so naturally that just awes you. Another instance where he gets lots of wrong calls about his brother in the night. “ஹலோ யாரு. எங்க மலேசியா-வா..டேய் புரியலடா”. “திட்றான் என்ன சொல்லி திட்றானு புரியல.” Hats off to you Mr.Sivakumar. Hope you play such roles in future too.

The movie’s life is its music. Commendable work from James Vasandhan. The melody “Oru Vetkam Varudhe” is a master piece. Sherya Ghosal mesmerizes with her sweet voice. Dr.Balamuralikrishna has a song after 18 years. Very refreshing family song. The background score is terrific. The violin in the background is fantastic.

Padiraj the director has given us a quality entertainer for this summer. He deserves to be appreciated for selecting all new faces for the movie. Thank God he didnt opt Prakash raj for Jeeva’s father and Nasser for Anbu’s father. It would have been a mess. Instead Jeyaprakash and Sivakumar just shine in their roles. He also has passed on lots of good messages to the kids which is worth mentioning.

Its a very rare movie that doesnt have politics, rowdism, vulgarism that are a common element in today’s Kollywood movies. Just take your whole family and have fun. Thanks to Sasikumar to come forward producing this movie. This move has been rejected by many producers considering the risk of no popular actors in it. In fact it fares well with the performances of all the new comers.

: On the whole Pasanga is an awesome movie, barring the final 20 minutes.


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